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14-17 апреля, ЦВК «Экспоцентр», Москва
Строительство и архитектура
26-28 мая, МВЦ «Крокус-Экспо», Москва
Управление отходами, БИО энергетика
1-4 ИЮНЯ, Лас-Вегас, США
Ведущая выставка по отходам в Америке
6-8 АВГУСТА, Пекин, Китай
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3-6 ОКТЯБРЯ, Дубаи, ОАЭ
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129515, Москва
ул. Академика Королева 13/1, офис 624

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Dall Energy develops and implements innovative solutions for biomass-based energy plants.
Dall Energy´s activities include combustion plants for heat production and gasification plants for heat and power production.

A proud Jens Dall Bentzen is congratulated on The European Inventor Award 2011 with a handshake from Jesper Kongstad, CEO of the Danish Patent Office, while Michel Barnier, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, and Benoit Battistelli, President of the European Patent Office are watching.

Dall Energy was founded in December 2007 by Jens Dall Bentzen

By that time Mr Dall Bentzen had 15 years of experience in research, development and implementation of new biomass based technologies.

Prior to founding Dall Energy, Mr Dall Bentzen was a project manager in the consulting company COWI A/S, responsible for research and development of new biomass technologies.

Spraying Systems Co ( is an investor and strategic partner of Dall Energy.

The vision of Dall Energy is to develop and provide new and improved energy technologies to the global market.
Focus is on thermal processes which produce heat for district heating, but also combined heat, power, cooling and syngas production is part of our scope.

The main goal with the new technologies we develop is to reduce environmental impact of energy production. Therefore focus is on:
CO2 neutral fuels (Biomass)
Increased energy efficiency
Lower emissions

Dall Energy design, engineer, demonstrate and patent new Biomass technologies.
The technologies are designed to meet the demands of costumers and the legislations:
fuel flexibility
low emissions
high efficiency
simple operation
low maintenance costs
The technologies are brought to the market with partners through licensing or other partnering models

The Dall Energy technologies include:

A Multifuel Low Emission Furnace

A system for particle removal in flue gas compensator

A system for cooling of flue gas and recover heat

The Dall Energy biomass system for district heating
The Dall Energy technologies can be used separately or they can be combined in an energy plant.

Dall Energy
Venlighedsvej 2
2970 Hørsholm
Tlf.: +45 2987 2222
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